Didaktische Programmierumgebungen

Worum geht es?

Auch wenn der Kanton Schwyz offiziell Scratch empfiehlt, möchten wir hier alternative Programmierumgebungen vorstellen.

Einführung ins Programmieren nach der Mastery Learning / Leitprogramm-Methode

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Mitch Resnick über Scratch vs. learn-to-code-websites

"The Scratch approach to personalization stands in striking contrast to most learn-to-code websites, which introduce kids to coding through a series of puzzles to solve. Because the puzzles are standardized, the sites can track kids’ progress and offer personalized instruction and advice—but they provide kids with little or no opportunity for personal expression. The Scratch approach is diametrically opposed. Because kids can create anything they want with Scratch, it’s difficult to automatically provide feedback or guidance — but the payoff comes in connecting with kids’ interests and catalyzing their imaginations."


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