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Collection of Material for Snap!Con Workshop "Creative Programming with TurtleStitch"

Find all the material you need for the Snap!Con workshop "Creative Programming with TurtleStitch" in this download. It contains the presentation with instructions and questions on slides 15 and 16 for the creative phase, as well as all necessary learning cards and code examples to be analyzed. In addition, we included the TurtleStitch Workbook for lookup, but remember that this might be too extensive to study during the workshop.

This is all you need for participating in the Snap!Con workshop. Download the ZIP file to your computer before working with the content. When you unzip the file, you can even drag and drop the xml codefiles to TurtleStitch:

Individual Files

In this section, you can access the workshop material individually and some additional material not shown or discussed in the workshop. Feel free to browse through the content after the workshop.

Presentation, Instructions, Questions

Find the presentation with instructions and questions on slides 15 and 16 for the creative phase of the workshop here:

Learing Cards and Code Examples

Find the individual student projects as learning cards and code examples translated in English here that are used in the workshop. You can open the learning card directly in your browser. For the code, right click and download the file before you drag and drop it to TurtleStitch: In case you want to start a similar project, you may use this template of an English learning card: Find additional student projects as learning cards and code examples here that you might be interested in. These were not presented at the Snap!Con workshop and are provided in their original German form:

TurtleStitch Workbook

The introductory workbook for TurtleStitch was devised as reference guide and at the same time, works as self-learning program for students and educators. The examples therein are based on the style of the original TurtleStitch learning cards:

Embroidery Machine Manual

The introductory manual for the embroidery machine "Brother Innov-is 750E" is a collection of information useful for the device. It contains do's and dont's and comments on the material we would recommend when you happen to use the same machine. Remember that you might have different experiences and that the manual is not an assessment or advert of any kind, we are just sharing our experience. Currently, this manual is available in German:
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